Hey Jane


Hey Jane is the first fully-digital clinic for abortion pill access, providing safe, effective medical care from the comfort of home. We were thrilled to come onboard to help them clear the way for women’s choice by making reproductive care more accessible.

Your choice

your way.

Because Hey Jane is all about women receiving care on their terms, we traded in the clinical look for something warmer and more empowering. In all of our design choices, we focused on balancing feelings of soothing softness with strength and a bold sense of belonging.

Here’s How: We opted for a friendly, modern logomark with a fresh, uplifting feel to reflect making one’s own choices. Balancing softness with strength, we carefully selected our color palette. Then we activated it with dynamic pattern and shape compositions. A stripe of patterning carries a warm sensibility to the outer packaging; the inner box is memorably minimal with a reassuring touch of texture.

Our bodies,
Our business.

A force in care and culture.


Print, Digital Design
And Production