Milk Moon


Milk Moon tinctures and syrups nourish the postpartum adrenal and nervous systems to enable women to show up to motherhood with a sense of calm, clarity and resilience. To bring those qualities to the foreground, Milk Moon asked us to develop branding and packaging that would resonate with new mothers.

A collection
of tinctures

designed for
new mothers.

Because using organic, locally sourced herbs in their medicinals is important to Milk Moon, it was important to us that our creative stress that. We focused on dialing up the organic feel with natural forms.

Here’s how: Utilizing textured, cotton paper paired with shapes representing landscape throughout the packaging, we were able to thread an organic ethos through all the creative. And we didn’t stop there. We elevated it to give it a legendary feel, with touches of foil and specialty print techniques throughout the suite.

Design as
restorative medicine.

A clash of modernity
and the classics.

We believed that the perfect blend of accessible and special would resonate with new mothers. And we were right! After their launch, Milk Moon found instant success. Within the first month they were featured in Forbes and Mother Mag, and sold out of a majority of their products.

A balance
of strong
and delicate.


Print, Digital Design
And Production